A Medical, Dental, and Hospital Equipment and Supplies Wholesaler for Defense and Law Enforcement, Fire Control, Security and Safety, First Responders, Physicians and Veterinarians. Wolfdog Medical Supplier is an Indian Health Services (IHS) Purchased/Referred Care (PRC) Provider for Virginia Tribal Members.

Inventory Types

Our inventory includes, but is not limited to:

Supplies & Equipment
Balloon Catheters
Blood Tubing & Fistula Needles
Critical Function Lab Supplies
Cytology Supplies
Defibrillators & Accessories
Dialysis Supplies
Direct-To-Patient Distribution Of Surgical
(Medsurg) & OTC Products
Disposable Latex & Vinyl Gloves
Emergency Hemodialysis Supplies
Emergency Medical Technician Supplies
Flexible Intubation Cart & Accessories
Food Service Equipment & Supplies
Haemostatic Dressing
Hand Sanitizer, Gel
Hematology Reagents/ Analyzers
Histology Supplies
Kidney Dialysis Products
Microscope Slides
Oxygen & Respiratory Supplies
Pill Counter
Prepackaged Travel Medications
Research Lab Supplies & Equipment
Safety Items & Equipment
Specimen Bag
Surgical & Dental Instruments
Testing Equipment and Consumables
Urine Bag Collection

Monitors & Systems
Automated External Defibrillators
Blood & IV Infusion Warmer System
Blood Pressure Monitors
Breathalyzer Machine
Combat Application Tourniquet
Critical Care Monitor/Defibrillator
Heat Stress Monitor
Hospital Sterilizers
Infant Warmer & Phototherapy
Microscope Equipment
Ophthalmic Equipment
Pascal Photocoagulator
Patient Monitors & Simuators
PCA Pumps
Sleep Monitoring System
Steam Sterilizer Autoclave
Telemedicine Equipment
Therapy Units
Ultrasound System & Probes
Ventilators & Breathing Equipment
Visual Field Analyzer
Vital Signs Monitors/Systems

Beds and Cots
5th Wheel Stretchers
Bariatric Beds & Wheelchairs
Bed Siderails & IV Poles
Crash Carts
EDS Cots
ER & OB Stretchers
Evacuation Chairs
Hospital Low Beds
Infant Cribs & Delivery Beds
Medication and Treatment Carts
Mortuary Equipment
Motorized Transport Beds, Stretchers, & Chairs
Storage Cabinets
Treatment and Therapy Tables

Artic Survival, Cold Weather Survival Kits
Barrier Kits
Casualty Evacuation (CASEVAC) Sets
Combat Application Tourniquet
Drape and Closure Kit
Electrophysiology Kits
Emergency Medical Kits
Field Sanitation Kit
First Aid Kits, Operator Individual First Aid Kit
Flu Kits
Foley & Urethral Catheter Kits &Trays
Individual Trauma Kits
Infectious Disease Testing Kits
Opioid Overdose Kits
Personal Evacuation Kits
Resuscitation Kit & Mouth to Mouth Mask
(Pediatric & Adult)
Shelter In Place Emergency Kit
Tactical & Survival Kits
Tactical Combat Casualty Care Kits
Tactical Medical Kits and Refills
Wound Therapy Units

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